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I write young adult fantasy and contemporary romance novels. I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada, where the local bookmobile fed my diet of Nancy Drew mysteries, Sweet Valley High books, and Stephen King horror. (Yes, I loved and still love a wide variety of genres!) Currently, I make my home in Newfoundland and Labrador with my wonderful husband, son, and two fur babies. I'm a member of SCBWI and a former literary intern. When I'm not reading or writing, I can be found binge watching Netflix or playing catch with my son.

My debut novel, CAPTURED IN PAINT, was published by Finch Books (an imprint of Totally Entwined Group) in January 2021.

I am currently looking for a home for two sports-themed YA romances, and I am working on the sequel to CAPTURED IN PAINT.



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My debut novel CAPTURED IN PAINT is available from Finch Books! Buy the ebook or paperback now!

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Ice Princess.

That’s what the kids at St Peter’s High call seventeen-year-old Julia Parsons, the girl who doesn’t show emotion. But that all changes when Julia loses the protection of her late mother’s charmed necklace and the emotions that have been locked deep inside her are unleashed. Now, after years of priding herself on being calm, cool and collected, Julia is forced to accept two life-altering revelations—she can feel just as deeply as any other teen and her emotions can make paintings come alive.

As Julia struggles to control her ability, she discovers that her boyfriend, Nick, is trapped inside a mural that she herself created. She enters the wintry world to save him before it’s painted over but quickly realises that a mysterious force is keeping Nick tethered to the work of art.

Unless Julia can learn how to harness the power of her new and unfamiliar emotions, they won’t make it out of the painting alive.


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Paintings can stir emotions, but for Julia, emotions bring paintings to life…literally.

After her mom's death, seventeen-year-old Julia learns she can make paintings come to life, just by using her emotions. When her boyfriend Nick gets trapped in the mural she created, she must enter the wintry world and bring him home before it’s painted over. But with a mysterious force keeping Nick tethered to the world of the mural, they may be captured in paint...forever.

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Trust is the name of the ballgame.

After her MLB dad kills a family while driving drunk, sixteen-year-old Kate takes a job coaching Little League. Dating her friendly co-coach Ryan has all the makings of a sure-fire base hit, but it’s tattooed ex-ballplayer Chase who makes her head spin like a curveball. He’s also got a rep for starting fights—and a history of addiction that’s eerily similar to her father’s. As Kate faces the consequences of her father’s destructive behaviour, she must decide who gets to play, who she throws out at home plate…and who’s the game changer she needed all along.

I'm currently seeking a home for CURVEBALL.

Fearless Ali sets her sights on a return to the diamond, but her childhood nemesis throws her a curveball when he tries to keep her out of the game.

After a daredevil move at centerfield stops her heart, all Ali wants to do is play ball again—even if it means defying her dad. But when she falls for the nerd-hot guy her dad enlisted to keep her out of the game, she risks her heart both on the field…and off.

I'm currently seeking a home for A HEARTBEAT AWAY FROM YOU.



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