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My YA sports romance is now out in the world, and I'm so excited for readers to experience Ali and Max's story. 😊

Here are some things you can expect in A HEARTBEAT AWAY FROM YOU:

⚾baseball (don't worry-you don't need to know a lot about the game to understand the story!) 😍romance (enemies-to-lovers!) ⭐astronomy (always look to the stars) ⌛second chances (or three or four...) 🌇small town (fictional town in western Canada) ❤disability rep (bradycardia)

You can buy the ebook or paperback here:

About the book:

After a daredevil play on the baseball field leads to a four-minute long cardiac arrest, seventeen-year-old Ali Benton is lucky to be alive. Now she wants to make the most of her second chance—and she’s not going to let a pesky little pacemaker, or her helicopter dad, slow her down.

Between chairing multiple school clubs and working two jobs to help his single mother pay the bills, Max Delaney has got every second of every day planned. His childhood nemesis, Ali, doesn’t figure into any of them. But when her overprotective father offers him cash to keep an eye on her and steer her away from baseball, his plans change.

Ali can’t figure out why Max, the condescending know-it-all, is sticking to her side like Krazy Glue, and Max can barely tolerate headstrong Ali. But opposites attract, and before long, fighting turns to kissing. Even as sparks fly, the secrets they’ve been keeping threaten to tear them apart. When Max learns Ali’s been putting herself in harm’s way and playing ball in secret, he struggles with how to tell her father. If he tattles, he’ll lose her trust. If he doesn’t, he may lose her heart…in more ways than one.

I hope people will enjoy Max and Ali's journey as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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